Christian Childcare in Auckland

Are you looking for an early childhood education center or preschool to send your child every day- one that is safe and fun learning to while still offering a Christian value? At Grace Christian Community Preschool, children of all ages learn a bit about God every day.

When we hear the word “Christian Childcare” a lot of people think that they teach the Bible all day long and singing hymns! At Grace Christian Community Preschool, they do not talk about the Bible every day. Attending a Christian Childcare Centre Avondale is a lot more fun than that!

Childcare means caring for the child, not just only their physical well-being but watching over them socially, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and cognitively is also more important.

When you start searching Daycare or Kindergarten for your children, make sure that it is not just a place for kids to spend the day; make sure they are getting something out of it.

When people start searching for an early education center for their children, they search for something like “Christian daycare near me“. When you add “near me” with your searches that means as parents you want daycare being as close to your home or workplace as possible to make commute times easier!

As we know there is very little Childcare in West Auckland and when adding “near me” with your query narrows down your result. Forex, if you are living in Glen Eden, Blockhouse Bay, West Auckland, Avondale, Kelston or any suburb then include the specific location name instead of “near me” or try to broaden search like day care center Kelston and you will get a fair amount of choices. It can be difficult to find one that matches everything you believe. It is probably best to find a preschool that keeps the message as simple as possible for kids.

Once you have a list of your choices, visiting them will help you to decide. You will get to see the staff, learn about security measures, indoor and outdoor areas, safety & hygiene.

Caring a child in daycare is more than just keeping them physically safe throughout the day. Let’s take a look at how children are encouraged to grow at Grace Christian Community Preschool

Social Skills:-

Social skills are not just about being friendly. Some kids are shy and some are naturally social. When kids are with them, they are surrounded by other kids, which encourages their social growth. Being a Christian Preschool, they address problems in a moral and religious way, not just only from a practical point of view. They encourage shy kids to be more outgoing while making sure that they keep the personal space they need. They want all children to grow up to be outgoing individuals.

Physical Development:-

They encourage children to play age-appropriate games for their physical growth at Grace Christian Community Preschool. All children are helped with their motor skills. They are always with them to encourage the play that will help them to grow.


At Grace Christian Community Preschool, they teach children about God as per their age levels, such as for Infants they sing songs about God’s love; for Toddlers, they read the books.

Classrooms have Bible-based posters, crafts, and videos, these things encourage children on a daily basis which helps a child’s spiritual upbringing.


At Grace Christian Community Preschool, they work on kid’s cognitive growth, no matter their age. They maintain communication through sign language or verbal. They introduce the basics of reading, writing, counting, music, drawing according to their age.

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